1D Sobolev Norms in JAX

2023-10-02 Alexey Izmailov
Let $H^r(\Omega) = W^{r, 2}(\Omega)$ be a Sobolev space for $r \in \mathbb{Z}$ for functions defined on a domain $\Omega$. Then for a function $H^r (\Omega) \ni f: \Omega \rightarrow \mathbb{R}$, the Sobolev norm $$ ||f||_{H^r … Read More →

Cockburn's Academica Vitae Complex

2023-07-15 Alexey Izmailov
In honor of Bernardo Cockburn’s $60$th birthday, the Journal of Scientific Computing had a special issue on discontinuous Galerkin methods. The cover article gives a brief biography and a few personal remarks from a workshop … Read More →

Notes for APMA2570B Fall 2022 at Brown

2023-03-29 Alexey Izmailov
In the Fall ‘22 semester, I enrolled in Professor Mark Ainsworth’s APMA2570B: Numerical Solutions to PDE III at Brown University. The course focused on the mathematical background of the 70s-90s in the finite element … Read More →

Notes for APMA2560 Spring 2022 at Brown

2022-08-27 Alexey Izmailov
In the Spring ‘22 semester, I was enrolled in Professor Mark Ainsworth’s APMA2560: Numerical Solutions to PDE II at Brown University. During the course, I compiled some (incomplete) notes in $\LaTeX$. See them here. Read More →